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Desert Son (2010) Sinema Filmi

 Desert Son

A boy is abandoned in the heart of the desert by his step father. He takes refuge with two orphans who live in an abandoned mining town. The three kids struggle to survive through series of increasingly desperate and serious crimes. They meet their downfall after a murder weighs too heavy upon their conscience. Written by James Mann In this visually arresting and gritty drama, a teenage boy named Phillip is abandoned in the desert by his Step Father. He struggles against the odds for days, surviving just long enough to make his way into an abandoned mining town inhabited by two mysterious orphans, Jack and Lucy. They reluctantly invite the desperate stranger into their broken dystopia. But as a bond forms between Lucy and Phillip, jealousy begins to boil inside of Jack. At his wits end, Jack leads Phillip and Lucy on a long journey back into civilization and on spree of increasingly dangerous crimes.

Yönetmen: James Mann, Brandon Nicholas,
Senaryo: ,
Görüntü Yönetmeni: James Mann ,
Kurgu: John Arlotto ,
Türü: Dram ,
Ülke: ABD (Amerika) ,
Dili: İngilizce ,
Yılı: 2010
Süresi: .dk
Ödüller: 1 dalda ödül kazandı & 1 dalda aday oldu .
İngilizce adı: Desert Son

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